Name the Paston griffin

Our griffin needs a name - what could it be?

The griffin is the symbol of the Paston family and one we've used on all our walk waymarks. She is bold, brave and intelligent but has no name. 

Post or direct message your griffin name ideas to our Paston Footprint social media accounts (links at the bottom of this page) or email Please get permission from a parent/guardian to do this, or they can post on your behalf.

Competition deadline: Friday 22 October 2021 .

The Prize:

A family ticket for the Bure Valley Festive Express

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The Prize Winner Annoucement

During October half term 2021, Judge William Paston will appear on camera and choose the name of his griffin. He will announce the prize-winner on our social media channels. Entry details below.


Entry Details


In October half term 2021, Judge William Paston will choose the name for his griffin. If more than one person submits the winning name then the winner will be drawn out of a hat.

Submission process:

1) Enter by posting your name idea to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #Pastonfootprints  Or follow us and direct message our social media accounts. You an also email your name idea to

2) Please provide your name as you wish to be credited.

3) Submission means you agree that any images used alongside the name idea may be used by Paston Footprints for any project purpose in any medium, under an attribution creative commons 4 licence (this means there are no copyright or commercial restrictions but you will be credited wherever the photograph is used). 

4) Name entries suffice. However, if you post an image alongside your name entry on social media, you must return this consent permissions form (released on 1st August) to 

5) By posting any image with our hashtag this will be consent for us to re=post on project digital channels or to publicise the project.

6) If a person appears in any image where you have used #Pastonfootprints, a consent permission form will need to be signed by the person in the image (if it is an image of a child, the parent/guardian must sign) and returned to Failure to do so means we will not include your image in any project purposes, including competitions.

5) For full details on how we use and store your data, please see our policy page.