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Can you help us capture the spirit of Paston Country?

We’re inviting everybody who enjoys one of our walks - any age, professional or amateur - to upload their pictures to social media and tag #pastonfootprints. You can help us reach more Norfolk heritage enthusiasts and the bring the benefits of our walks with new audiences. 

Local prizes

See below for a range of local prizes, with thanks to all our partners for their support and  donations.

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Prize Old Hall.jpg
Prize walk tour.jpg

Norfolk Museum Service have kindly donated 20 day admission tickets (each one for up to 5 people), to any of their museums. You could see the 'Paston Treasure' painting in Norwich Castle. Or choose from Cromer's Time & Tide, Gressenhalls' Farm and Workshouse, the Lynn Museum or Stanger's Hall in Norwich.

Free place on National Writers' Centre online course: How to Write More and Be Happy, led by Ben Joncock.

Tudor 17th century living Experience. Brigitte Webster will offer the prize winner a private tour of the living history accommodation and appreciation centre: Old Hall, Barnham Broom.

Enjoy a Shardlake Walking Tour for two, in Norwich or the Broads, courtesy of Paul Dickson.

If you have an Arts, heritage, wellbeing, experiential offer, or a local business on any of the Paston walks, and are keen to offer prizes, please get in touch. Our aim is to promote Paston Country as a place with lots of culture, arts and heritage experiences.

Submission process:

1) Enter by posting to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account with the hashtag #Pastonfootprints 

2) Please provide your name as you wish to be credited, a few words that describes how you felt about the walk and the name of the Paston walk (please see the privacy policy page for how we use and store your data).

3) Submission means you agree that images may be used by Paston Footprints for any project purpose in any medium, under an attribution creative commons 4 licence (this means there are no copyright or commercial restrictions but you will be credited wherever the photograph is used). 

4) If any person appears in the photograph that we select to use in the calendar or project digital channels, you must send an email to request a permissions consent form, that will need to be signed by the person in the image (if it is an image of a child the parent/guardian must sign) and returned to Failure to do so means we will not include your image in the competition.

4) You may submit multiple entries.

5) If you win a monthly prize, you will not be eligible for future prizes but you may continue to submit photographs which we may select to publish.

6) Monthly prize winners will be also be submitted for the overall summer and winter prizes - it's open to everyone, all ages.

7) You may submit a quickly taken phone image or do computer enhancements. We are not judging on technical expertise, it's how your image tells a story and captures the spirit of Paston Country that is our focus.

8) Judges include Karen Smyth and Audrey Whitehouse of UEA, Rob Knee and Peter Stibbons of the PHS, Emily Parker, Marketing Consultant and Rik Martin of Community Action Norfolk.

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