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2104 oxnead from river Charlotte Knee Ph

Activity calendar

Summary of upcoming events until the end of the year.
Click on links to book your place (booking required for in-person and online attendance).

13 October   Wednesday 1 - 2pm

NRO Talk and online: Dr Rob Knee, "Paston Heritage and the Support of Wellbeing". Rob  describes the Paston Footprints project’s provision of engaging heritage experiences. He will explain how the project has met its key aim of supporting individual identity, community regeneration, mental and physical well being. Rob will go on to explain the evidence from relevant research activity gathered by fellow Co-Director of the Footprints Project, Dr Karen Smyth.

20 0ctober   Wednesday 1 - 2pm

NRO talk and online: Peter Stibbons, "Finding New Footprints of Oxnead and Paston Halls". New research has revealed information and changes in understanding about the Paston homes, and Peter will share these insights and their significance with 3D digital reconstructions.

27 October   Wednesday 1 - 2pm

Online talk: Dr Karen Smyth, "Touching Paston Lives". How can dusty old manuscripts speak to modern audiences? Karen explores the challenges in telling stories that deal with emotions, politics and morality from a bygone age. Do we imitate, develop, usurp or reform the archives when we tell the Paston story?

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