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Therapeutic Photography

Need a prompt on how to start? Use this activity, designed for children and adults, on the Paston walks:



What some of our walkers have said:

"It makes me feel I'm shaping the moment, this is my perspective. It might be visual, but this is how my voice is heard"

"I take a snap just because it's a fun thing to do".

"I'm learning a new skill. It distracts me from my chaotic life. More than that, it gives me a focus, a purpose. It builds my confidence".

"When I took the photo, I was trying to find a way to express what my emotion looks like. I thought, what objects, colours or compositions represent it?"

Photography can help you get intentional about the way you interact with your walking experience (taking pictures, editing them, viewing them, talking about them).

We might take selfies to help build self-esteem, to capture our moment in time, as proof and celebration that we made it to the end of the walk! You can look back at photos from the walk with friends and family to share the experience and build memory skills.


You could take a photo as a prompt for creative writing, pairing two expressive outlets in a powerful way. Or use the picture to do more art work / crafts after the walk, extending your experience. 

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Can you help capture the spirit of Paston Country?

We’re inviting everybody who enjoys a Paston walk to join in. We welcome photos from all ages and all capabilities. Upload your pictures to Twitter (X),  Instagram or Facebook and tag #pastonfootprints.


Help us reach more Norfolk families, ramblers and heritage enthusiasts. Bring the benefits of the Paston Footprints' walks to new audiences. 

Browse the @pastonfootprints Instagram feed below. (Remember to hover on each picture to read details). 

Pioneering research

Are you a member of a wellbeing group or a Health or Humanities disability researcher? Are you interested in how diverse sensory, embodied and cognitive interpretations of heritage can centralise creative health? Or how to do heritage storytelling in new ways?


Take part:

Please get in touch with Dr Karen Smyth to explore research and co-production possibilities. We are seeking Experts-by Experience as well as Health, Creative and Heritage practitioners and academics. We are also keen for public volunteers to try out our ideas on the walks. 


See Karen's UEA profile here.

Project email: visitors to your site with a short, engaging introduction. Double click to edit and add your own text.

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