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Activities for walks

We have created some activities for children and creative prompts for adults to help you get more from our walks during and after the experience. 

We have also created the 'WALKER' tool below as a useful starting point for getting more from our walks.



We invite you to become a Paston 'WALKER' and explore ways to enhance your experience of our heritage walks. Each letter provides some inspiration for ways to do so - scroll/browse on to find out more.

2104 quiet lane copyright Charlotte Knee Photography-101_11zon.jpg

W is for wellbeing

We walk for the health of our minds and bodies. Walking is a free form of exercise and can boost our step count. It can also be a chance to chat with a friend. A walk can help focus the mind in order to solve a problem, or simply be a time to rest the mind and mindful connection with nature. Check out our selected walks for wellbeing for a peaceful moments off the beaten track

2104 Paston Footprints copyright Charlotte Knee Photography-266.jpg

A is for activities

A walk can be enriched by taking photos, doing a family i-Spy trail, map reading, listening to our audio trails or having a picnic. Art, poetry, stories and music often get their inspiration from the countryside. You can also extend your walk experience by doing some activities or research after you get home. Explore our activities for children and creative ideas for all ages.

2104 Bacton church copyright Charlotte Knee Photography-78_11zon.jpg

L is for landscape

Each walk will make its way through its own particular beautiful North Norfolk landscape with an atmosphere that will change with the seasons. Explore our walk pages or follow us on instagram for uplifting pictures of Norfolk's beautiful landscapes. Perhaps you could take some pictures to share with us?

2104 Bacton beach 2 copyright Charlotte

K is for keepsakes

What will you bring back from your walk? A pebble from the beach? A new historical fact? A souvenir from a church? Some photos to capture a memory? Some creative writing? Or simply an appreciation of the beauty around you.

2104 PF backpack Charlotte Knee Photography-47_11zon.jpg

E is for environment

We need to care for our environment and support the local wildlife. The countryside offers a tapestry of trees, plants and eco-systems. Why not learn about the local history around you or the flowers you can see or birds you can hear? You could even do a bit of litter picking whilst out on your walk. Or simply engage all 5 of your senses and tune fully into your environment, creating a new immersive element to your walk. 

2104 Bronholm priory copyright Charlotte Knee Photography-113_11zon.jpg

R is for re-imagining

Every landscape and every track retain memories which can be revisited from the earliest through to recent times. Our heritage trails enable you to experience walking in the Paston family footsteps and uncover their stories in a creative and immersive way. Check our heritage walk pages for more

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