Historical walks by Paston character

Choose a member of the Paston family to guide you around our heritage walks.

Each walk has an audio guide featuring a Paston character telling their chapter of the Paston story. The walks are listed in chronological order of the Paston timeline, but you can dip in and out of the story as you like or by preferred location.

Good Judge William at Edingthorpe Church
Good Judge William at Edingthorpe Church

Let Agnes Paston guide you round this scenic countryside walk and how her husband Good Judge William Paston contributed to the family's rise from simple farmers to Tudor aristocracy. 

Let Margaret Paston tell you the story of how she survived the 1449 siege of Gresham Castle. You can also view a 3D reconstruction of the castle where it once stood.

Margaret Paston at Gresham.png
Margarey Brews in Norwich_11zon.png

Let Margery Brews Paston entertain you with family dramas, tell you what plants to use to avoid the plague and all about the Queen's visit. Her husband, John Paston III, will also accompany you on the walk and share insights into the Pastons' enterprising life in the city during the Wars of the Roses.

Let Rebecca Paston entertain you with stories of her husband Robert's alchemy experiments, as well as family dramas during the perilous English Restoration period and Royal visits from Charles II.

Robert Paston at Oxnead (1)_11zon.png