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Rebel women

The gutsy Paston women are often consigned to history as someone's wife rather than recognised in their own right. Together we can set this right by writing the Paston women back into history


Help us un-silence their voices

We have collaborated with our online Paston community and local art and youth groups to write new biographies for the Paston women; tell their stories in new ways and to create a series of alternative blue plaques.

Join our mission to un-silence the Paston women! We've provided some suggested activities below but all ideas welcome.

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Whether it is your favourite line from a letter, fact from the newly written biographies, or a myth that they have bust, share what the Paston women mean to you and tag #pastonfootprints so we can share too.  We are always looking for guest Paston storytellers for our social channels so please get in touch if you have ideas for a channel takeover.

Email us at   #pastonfootprints   

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Watch some examples of how people have brought the Paston women to life. Inspired to imagine the Paston women in your own way? Share your performance, poetry, art, creative writing and any other kind of creative work and find yourself featured on our Rebel Women channel and creative gallery. 

Email us at  #pastonfootprints

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Can you uncover more stories that have been hiding in plain sight for centuries?  Katherine Paston's 17th century letters are publicly available online for the first time. Katherine is the second most prolific Paston letter writer, after Margaret Mautby Paston, it's time to hear her story. We welcome all to undertake research into any of the Paston women, no prior experience necessary (but we are also happy to promote publications). What story do you want to shine a light on?

Email us at   #pastonfootprints

Remembering the Paston women

We partnered with local guerrilla art project Rosie's Plaques and the youth groups of Norfolk Heritage Centre to create a series of alternative blue plaques to commemorate the contribution of the Paston women.


Want to explore the Paston women more?

Here's some suggestions. You could email us a book review!

Book OBrien Royal Game.jpg
Book Margery Paston.jpg
Book Watt Paston women.jpg

New historical novel: September 2021. An inspirational story of courage and resilience, The Royal Game charts the rise of three remarkable Paston women from obscurity to the very heart of Court politics and intrigue.

An illustrated nonfiction account of a medieval love story. When Margery Paston announced that she wished to marry her family's land agent, Richard Calle, they were appalled, why?

The Paston Women: Selected Letters, edited by Diane Watt, presents snot only the letters but also situates them in the context of medieval women's writing and medieval letter writing.

Book Rosenthal.jpg

Drawing on nearly forty years' worth of personal letters, her will, and other new archival material, Margaret Paston emerges from this study by Joel Rosenthal as the best example we have of how lay piety was integrated into daily medieval life.

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