Blofield heritage walk

Musical memories feature on this peaceful 1.5 mile (2.4km) walk, which includes a healing herb garden.

Listen to our free audio guide: let Edward Paston tell you how the Pastons' relationship with Henry VIII helped them secure Blofield, a very wealthy manor. Edward will also share with you music tracks and how he had a major part in preserving the sacred music of the great Tudor composers such as William Byrd and Thomas Tallis.


Walk details

LENGTH: 1.5 miles​ (2.4km) 

Download a walk map or follow the walk overview on your phone. 

PARKING: outside Blofield church.


Blofield walk

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Blofield walk
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While you walk listen to the audio guide, with Edward Paston as your narrator and enjoy Restoration music, access activities for children and discover more historical context.

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Blofield walk
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Terrain descriptions and photos by Active Trails and Norfolk County Council. Click button below for pdf.

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Find out more about medieval singing and instruments, and enjoy the music tastes of the Pastons.

Help us bring Blofield's Paston story to more people by taking one of our creative challenges.

Sensory wellbeing activities for connections with the natural world on this walk.

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Blofield heritage walk overview 


Park outside Blofield church

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Herb garden

You are welcome to visit the healing garden in Blofield's churchyard. This green area, against the church's south wall, was created by Christine Pritchard, as a peaceful place with a seat and plantings reflective of the range of medicinal plants of the Middle Ages. 

Healing garden plants range from Agrimony to Yarrow with Chamomile, Feverfew, Lovage, Pennyroyal, Soapwort, Tansy and others besides. In the north aisle of the church is a reference book , with descriptions of the historic uses of these herbs, remedies, lotions and potions.

Herb Plants

Braydeston Hall site

Keeping the church on your right hand side, follow Church Road Right into Braydeston Lane and follow the road until you reach a group of buildings on the left hand side. 

This was the site of the original Berney owned Braydeston Hall and where on two occasions in the mi under the direction of Thomas Daniel, a supporter of the Duke of Norfolk.

Braydeston Hall.jpg

Turn right at the T-junction towards Braydeston church St Michael and All Angels church

The church was supported by the Berney family and Osbert Berney’s brass mem Edward Paston’s marriage to Margaret Berney in 1588 brought Edward many estates which included Str and Reedham.


Follow the footpath through the gates and along the meadow until you reach Blofield Road.

Please note that there is sometimes cattle and a bull grazing in this field. For an alternative route follow the footpath by Braydeston church back to Blofield church.


Turn right and follow Blofield Road

Keep right until you reach Yarmouth Road.


At Yarmouth Road, turn right and then right again down the footpath

Walk along the playing field back towards the church where you began.

Please note: more detailed directions are coming soon


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Explore the Paston story further

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Watch an animation of Edward Paston talk about his life and listen as he plays the lute for us.

Key Stage 2 explorations of Tudor Paston music, instruments and dancing.

Read more about Blofield and the Pastons, including details about the majestic tombs in the church.


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