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Creative Walking

Forget maps, see where your creativity leads you. Chose a creative activity and see how exploring the Paston story and local heritage can help with a sense of wellbeing.

These activities are designed to promote relaxation and relieve anxiety through grounding in the moment,  building confidence and, quite simply, having some fun. 

Creatively interpreting your walk experience will allow you to own the Paston story, to find a way to express and articulate your connection with the landscape and heritage.

Try out a creative activity on one of our walks

Paston - Sensory writing: grounding and energising

Bacton - Meditations: slow down and be still

Norwich - Found poems: thrill of the hunt

Mautby - Once-upon-a-time …

Oxnead - Haiku poems: visualising Nature

Gresham - Opposite poems: get a balance

Blofield - Performance: express yourself

Send yourself a postcard: positive affirmation
Paston pictures and letters as inspiration banks

General Writing Tips:

  • There is no right or wrong way to write;

  • If you want to enjoy a slow pace, use pen and paper;

  • Treat yourself: use multi-coloured print or pens, get a nice notebook or feel free to create and bin – it can be about the process, rather than the end product;

  • Don’t let typos interrupt you, write with free abandonment;

  • Notice your emotions, don’t psychoanalyse, just be curious;

  • Adapt any of the prompts to what works for you.

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