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The Paston Footprints mission

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Our Mission

  • to entice and empower 21st century people to become curious about, and to participate in, the Paston story.

  • to connect the legends, letters and landmarks of the Pastons through heritage walks and cycle rides in Paston Country.

  • to be the first facilitation of bringing together professional and community based heritage, educational, wellbeing, creative, religious, commercial, leisure and tourism sectors to promote the globally significant Paston heritage.

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Invest in People

  • through creative forms of engagement with Paston heritage, thereby enabling new audiences,  to participate; currently our focus is with these groups and their intersections:

  1. Wellbeing (physical and mental health) groups​​

  2. Creative practitioners

  3. Experience-seeking tourists (locals, regional, national and international markets)

  4. Families

  • through promoting passion for heritage, by enhancing opportunities for social wellbeing, through promoting community investment in their local heritage, stimulating a sense of belonging, and in the active physical engagement with the heritage through heritage trail walking and cycling.

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Creative Access to Paston heritage

  • opening access to seeing and understanding the Paston heritage, from the archives to privately owned buildings (through digitisation and 3D modelling, with accompanying interpretative scaffolding and deeper learning exercises);

  • lasting all-age learning activities – in churches, in interpretation centres, and online;

  • schools’ impact – enabling schools’ to be active research centres, enabling teachers to use the Paston heritage more prominently through learning resources.

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