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Heritage Action Success Stories

Showcasing Project Outcomes to Inspire Future Projects

Have you a success story to tell? Heritage projects can change lives. The Paston Footprints project had some fantastic outcomes, and we have captured a selection of case studies that we hope will inspire other groups and projects. We want this to be a developing, interactive, resource, so we would also like to hear about your projects. 

To share a case study, please use our template, which can access here and email to 

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Heritage Walks

Working with the County Council to create walks and cycle trails.

Paston Footprints &
Norfolk County Council

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Walks & Wellbeing

Developing physical and mental health aspects in a heritage walk.

Paston Fooprints

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Walking Plus

Creating family, tourist and experience-seeking activities for a heritage trail.

Paston Footprints

Coming soon

Walk Audio Tours

Using drama to walk in historical footsteps: Paston narrators as tour guides.

Collisions Theatre & Paston Footprints

Coming soon
Marriotts Way.jpg
Oxnead Hall.jpg

Community Play

The power of drama in getting local community interaction with heritage

Marriott's Way

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Un-silencing Women's History 

Working with partners to tell untold stories from the archives.

Paston Footprints & Rosie's Plaques

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Walks Website

The making of a site to support and promote your walks.

Paston Footprints

Coming soon

Digital Storytelling

Computer reconstructions with artistic flourishes to bring back to life Paston buildings.

Paston Footprints

Coming soon
Study group

Project Branding

Establishing long term recognition through logos, fonts, colours and messaging.

Paston Footprints

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Project Development

Finding and working with multiple partners. Setting shared mission targets and being flexible.

Paston Footprints

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